Thursday, March 23, 2006

Unique meeting venues

Hey guys,
charmaine and i have discussed about bonding the committee together after enlightment from Chery, we decided to move our regular meetings out of the boring four walls.
There will be six regular meetings left before the eventful day. Each of us (Charmaine, Jasmine, Gloria, Si Hui, Aileen and myself *beam*) will get to choose a different destination for our meetings every week. Well, the rule of this six meetings are that nobody is allowed to choose to meet in school, and they are not allowed to repeat any selection when it is their turn to choose. By the way when you are late for the meeting for more than 15 minutes, you must treat the rest of the committee to refreshments. Repeat offenders will get a harsher punishment.
Well, as the president, i get the first week which is 30th March :).
I am going to choose West Coast Park
For people who don't know how to go there, we will meet at clementi interchange at 2pm.
For people who knows how to go, they can meet directly at west coast park mcdonald at 2.15pm.
Well on the following weeks, we will continue down the list.
The chronological order will be:
Paris: West Coast Park
Charmaine: ________
Jasmine: ________
Gloria: ___________
Si Hui: ___________
Aileen: ___________
If you don't understand this system, you can contact me at 96435609.
From your beloved pressie Paris Effiel Tower..... hahahahaha


At 6:44 PM, Anonymous ~S~i h~u~i~ said...

effiel tower?? hmm...

okay with the idea... ^_^


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