Sunday, April 02, 2006

Things that were done for Publicity

Hi all. This is a brief summary of things that were done for Publicity so far.

1) Sending e-mails to secondary schools, NAFA, LASALLE- SIA, music schools
2) Putting of posters, brochures at Community centres, Cold storages, National Library Board, NAFA, LASALLE-SIA, music schools
3) Faxing and sending mails to secondary schools
4) Advertising 'Musicussion' through the use of free websites and Arts Xplosion
5) Inform individual's tutor, lecturers/ secondary school teachers regarding 'Musicussion'

1) Putting up posters around NP and banner outside library
2) Alan Thng's help by talking to the Human Resource and ECE lecturer
3) John's help by sending e-mail to the directors of each divison
4) Setting up of ticket booth at atrium on 22-24 Feb
5) Advertising on NP forum and Informing other cultural clubs such as Concert band, Song composing, NP strings about the upcoming concert

Upcoming publicity plans:
1) Calling up the various secondary schools and enquire if their students are interested in coming to this concert
2) Ticket sales booth at atrium on 26-28 april
3) Use of CCA booth during CCA Fiesta to publicize ' Musicussion'

Do you guys have any more ideas how we can publicize more? Do let me know. thanks loads.
1 month and 4 days more to go.. so no more time to waste!!
let's jiayou together...