Monday, October 31, 2005

Yo yo....

Hi guys,

Your friendly forum co-administrator speaking here (yesh... you see me everywhere, no? Wahahah). I'll be changing the look of the forum soon, meanwhile, you can go ahead and read my crap on my blog... Wahaha... And yes, the blog is new. I'll be throwing up the link to my existing blog though.

Be forewarned. Anything and everything you read in my alter's blog is confidential. I hold you to your unspoken word the moment you clicked the link that you agree to keep mum regarding the rants...

Yours truly,
Who'd ya think this is?

Ps, and on a more serious note,
The reason for the link to my blog is not so that you can read my innermost secret thoughts and possibly guess who I secretly admire (yesh, yesh... major gag fest, no? haha), but so that you can compare what you'd like on this blog to what I have. Everything that I have on my alter's blog, the codes were written by me. So... Well, I hope you catch my drift.


At 1:27 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

test test...


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